We have all been there.  Getting frustrated with ourselves because we just can’t seem to get something that other people make look so easy.  We see what other people can do and immediately want to jump to the end result, and we end up getting frustrated, angry, or mad that we can’t do these things that so many of these other people can do.  Little do we know when we see these people execute these movements, that a lot of time was put into laying the proper foundation to build these skills. Why is this applicable to us today? Well it’s simple, we need to lay a proper foundation for our CrossFit journey before we can start building the frame.


Ask yourself these questions.  What kind of a foundation did I start out with?  I been doing CrossFit? Furthermore, how stable is my foundation?  The best place to start, believe it or not, is having no foundation at all.  That is what makes teaching young kids such a wonderful experience. They will take what you teach them and run with it.  Often times, as adults, our original fitness foundation before we started CrossFit was shaky, and it required a complete overhaul and gutting process.   Why do I say this? I tell you guys this so we can manage our expectations and not set ourselves up for failure. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing somebody who has little to no experience in different areas of  fitness get frustrated with themselves because they perceive themselves as a failure for not being able to complete a movement. For example, if somebody has never had to do a pull up, or has never stood on their hands for any amount of time, there should be no reason to expect that you would be able to get a pull up or be ready for a handstand hold.  My friends, the victory isn’t that you complete the movement, it’s that you are willing to try. This is what we call laying the foundation. For myself, it is and continues to be a squat problem. I had no foundation to speak of when it came to squats, and for the longest time I tried to build my frame on the shakiest of foundations. And that frame, no matter what I did, kept falling down.  I got so angry and frustrated many times because I had an inflated image of the foundation I rested upon. I could never figure out why nothing I ever did, worked in my squat. The point I am trying to make is that I spent too much time being frustrated and angry about an element that I didn’t know needed to be changed until I came to CrossFit Port Royal Sound.


Demolition and rebuild are two words that can describe my fitness journey at CrossFit Port Royal Sound.  Coach Barry and Coach Jason were the two coaches that showed me that humility would be my greatest ally in this journey because with their help, we had to gut everything that I had ever been taught or knew to that point so that we could lay the proper foundation for the house that needed to be built.  I am humbled to say that with the help and extreme dedication of Coach Barry, Jason, and Noel, that I can now say that my frame is being built and it is currently stable due to the foundation they all worked so hard to lay with me. Thank God for them. Like any construction sight and build, this foundation and current building of the frame has taken many man hours, and the labor at times can be exhaustive.  But what is worth having, is worth working for.


Now that you know a little bit about my fitness journey, the same is true for you as it was for me.  Give yourself a break. A foundation is not laid overnight. I wouldn’t trust a foundation laid overnight because the cement will still be wet and nothing will stick.  What I am saying is give yourself some time to trust the process. Spend the time focusing on your fitness. That’s what this journey is all about. Lay that wonderful foundation of fitness first before worrying about building those fancy frames that you may think other people make look so easy.  Be proud of where you are, be proud that you are giving it your best effort. And most of all be proud that you took the initiative to make a change in your life and try out something new. Make no mistake, I am proud of each and every one of our athletes for doing what they do. You all inspire me to be better than I am.  Without you all, I would have no CrossFit foundation to build upon. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay the course, trust the process, and before you start building this house and decorating the interior, give yourself some time to build a solid CrossFit foundation. 


By Kirby Gusso