“To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art”

For me, exercise and working out has always been the part that I actually enjoy and don’t have a problem throwing into my routine. The hard part has always been nutrition. About two weeks ago, right before Christmas, I sat down with Barry for my initial nutrition consultation…and can I just take a moment to praise him for making it a simple, informative, and painless appointment.

Now, I’ve talked to people who have lost weight before, followed blogs, researched the internet and it’s always the same thing….count these points, cut out carbs, do these meal replacement shakes, don’t eat!

*eye roll*

None of these FADs work for me. For the most part, they’re not even healthy ways to lose weight either. Now I’m not knocking them or those who do them, because I have been there myself, but for me they’re always the same outcome. I see some weight-loss then as soon as I stop the program, the weight comes back.

That’s just not what I’m looking for in a nutrition plan. I want something that is long-term, attainable, that fits in my busy life, is actual real edible foods, and something my kids won’t mope and grope about come dinner time.

The Wayfarer Nutrition program at Pepper Fitness, is just that. It’s not a diet that tells you absolutely no bread, Starbucks, or ice cream. It’s more of an educational tool to helpmake you aware and mindful of what you consume. It’s accountability. It’s a behavioral and lifestyle change vs. a diet. They focus on macronutrients and eating clean to fuel your body.

I won’t lie and say I’ve been 100% on it with this new program these past 2 weeks…because did I mention we did this right before Christmas break? Yeah, I definitely had all the mac-n-cheeses, casseroles & pies. Whoops.

Needless to say, it has been a slow start for me….but a start to say the least. This isn’t a rabbit race, it’s a change in my unhealthy habits, no matter how small. I’m logging my macros and weening my way into healthier choices one day at a time. I’m creating better, healthier habits, not restrictions. While doing so I have found that my mood is better and my energy is through the roof. I’m a lot less tired and sluggish all of the time and I just feel better overall.

I also learned that Wayfarer Nutrition is the only nutrition program in the Lowcountry backed by a registered dietitian. The program is written by Nicole Aucoin at Healthy Steps Nutrition. It is affordable with different programs to fit into your budget. With the program I now have access to healthy recipes, meal plans, an awesome Slack group of athletes and coaches with tips and encouragement, follow up consultations, and most importantly…accountability partners!

Find out more about Wayfarer Nutrition at www.pepperfitness.com