Written by Kirby Gusso

Everybody remembers their first CrossFit workout.  I wanted to take some time to tell you about mine, and how I guess you would say my journey began almost 4 years ago.  I used to be huge into the “get big and swole” mentality when I was in the Marine Corps, and my ego went through the roof.  It was all about how much I could bench press, or strict press above my head. There was always too much weight on the bar, and it’s a miracle how I did not ever get hurt.  Well, I was into all about how my body looked rather than performance. Enter the CrossFit workout: The Chief. We all know “The Chief” as 5, 3 minute AMRAPS of 3 Power cleans, 6 push ups, and 9 Body Weight Squats with a minute rest between rounds.  To me, this workout would prove to be synonymous with one word, and that word is PAINFUL.


I had no idea how intense a CrossFit workout could be until I met up with “The Chief.”  My form was bad on the power cleans and I did not get anywhere close to low enough on my squats, but I was down on the floor with my body in total shock after the very first 3 minute AMRAP asking myself, “What did you get yourself into?”  Let me tell you, I will never forget that feeling. That feeling is one of pure exhaustion after a workout, letting you know that your body had just experienced a significant undertaking. Do you no why I will never forget that feeling?


I won’t forget that feeling because it is the exact same way I feel today after I complete a workout.  One may ask, “how is that possible Kirby? Aren’t you way more fit than you were 4 years ago when you did “The Chief” for the first time?  Yes, I am more fit, and the fitter one becomes, the intensity level of that athlete will increase, and I am able to push my body though more in order to achieve the same effect.  You see, whether you are experiencing the first conditioning WOD in our foundations course, or experiencing Open WOD 18.5 as an RX athlete, both athletes will feel the same type of shock to their system.  I tell you these things to remind you guys, your fitness journey is all about you and nobody else. Trust me, if you feel the same way after doing Fran with and empty barbell and ring rows as somebody who does Fran RX, then you have achieved exactly what your body has allowed you to achieve.  Trust the process, and don’t judge your own successes or failures off those of other people. They are not you, and everybody’s walk with CrossFit is not always in the same place. However, whether you just started your prep course or you have been here since its inception, we are all one big CrossFit Port Royal Sound Family and are all here to help you along with your journey, no matter what point you are at.