Crossfit is a long game.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  I mean, granted, sometimes the workouts are fast, but the process of getting in “crossfit” shape takes a lot of time and a lot of sweat.  I started crossfit 4 years ago after I had my third baby.  My husband had been telling me that I would love it and, quickly, I did.  When I started, I had never touched a barbell or a dumb bell over 8 pounds.  I thought I was going to die in the middle of every workout.  Four years into this journey, and while I don’t literally think I’m going to die in every workout, it’s still the hardest thing I’ve done every day.  Crossfit has taught me that I CAN do things that I never thought possible, especially over 30 and as a mother of three kids.  This whole journey is my proudest fitness accomplishment.  Every new PR is something I could have never imagined.  And if you had told me at age 28 that I would do a single pull-up at 34, much less multiple, I would have laughed in your face! I’m so glad that an internet search brought me to PRS.  Not only is the training top notch, I’ve found a home away from home there.  I would tell someone just starting this journey to stick with it, not get discouraged, and not to limit themselves as to what they will or will not be able to do!