As we are nearing “baby season” here at PRS, I wanted to take a moment to remind the moms to be of the importance of your “4th Trimester.” What is the 4th trimester? It is the first 12 weeks of you and your baby’s life together.

In these first 12 weeks of their lives your baby will need you in many ways. They will need you for nourishment, for rest, for comfort and to best help them develop the way they need to. You were that precious baby’s only source of life for the past 9 months, and truthfully, they aren’t ready to have it any other way just yet. I hope to give you a few pieces of advice and encouragement as you head into this new and exciting chapter of your lives.

  1. Don’t be too proud to ask for help.

There is no medal for who can go the longest and appear to have it the most together as a new mom. Need help getting the floors cleaned, ask! Need help getting dinners together for you and the family, ask! Someone wants to stop by and see you and baby, put them to work! So many little things can seem daunting in the newborn stage, but remember, you don’t have to do it all alone.

  1. You’re doing a wonderful job.

You’re tired, things aren’t getting done in the timely manner that you are used to around your house, you feel like you have no idea what to do with a baby, and maybe that baby seems like they don’t even like you. It is ok! I’ll say it again….IT IS OKAY. Everyday won’t be perfect, like you imagined it would be. There will be days that everything just falls into place, and then there will be days that feel like you just can’t get it together to even get to the grocery store, or put in a load of a laundry.

You grew a human for the last 9 months, you are allowed to feel overwhelmed! But always remember what you have done! You made a life (with a little help, but don’t give him too much credit 😉 ) you are amazing! And every moment won’t feel like the movies, shows and hallmark cards. It will be a hard, stressful, hormone driven roller coaster of emotions and feelings, but that is completely normal. If it feels too hard too often, then please talk to someone. There will be times when it is hard, and that is ok.

  1. Your body isn’t going to be what it once was.

I mean that in the nicest of ways. You will never have the body you had before, and that is probably the best news I could have ever heard. There is no such thing as “bouncing back” and lets just completely get rid of that awful “pre baby body” mentality too, PLEASE! You have created life, and your body before baby had not yet done that. You now have grown a human, so embrace your changes, physically, mentally and emotionally.

And as quickly as your body changed when you were pregnant, it may or may not follow the same path postpartum. Some parts of your body will get bigger, some will get smaller and go back to what is “normal” (like the ankles, thank goodness!) and some parts just won’t seem to change at all, at least not quick enough to notice. Your body might not feel like it belongs to you, but give it time and you will adjust to all of these new feelings.

  1. Don’t measure your success against someone else’s.

That word, “success” can hold a lot of meaning and bearing. But just know, that success can be as small as, baby was fed all day long, or baby took a nap not in your arms, or even you were able to eat without having to hold the baby. Each small success will build and soon these small newborn successes for you will seem like nothing. But that is the joy of growth and growing baby. Things usually get easier. You are the entire universe to that precious baby, and you might not see all of the time you are pouring into your baby immediately, but you will. I promise that baby will grow and you will see all of your hard work paying off.

Once you get through the small successes, like eating without having to hold the baby, then you will venture into successes of a different variety; outgrowing newborn clothes (you did it! Baby was fed and nourished enough to grow!), hearing the first coo and smile (seriously, nothing sweeter in the world), trusting your gut and advocating for your baby when you need to (momma doesn’t always know best, but we sure do know our child the best). These are the successes that I want you to remember.

  1. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. Take time to do things that you want to do. Don’t feel guilty taking a couple of hours for you. If you need to move, take a walk around the neighborhood. If you need some peace, go for a cup of coffee or tea by yourself. You are not alone in this stage of your life, just reach out and ask for help!

You have got this momma! You will be a wonderful mom to that new baby! It might just be the hardest chapter of motherhood, but you can do hard things! We see that so often in the gym, we push ourselves to do things that we didn’t think we could. Just keep going and always ask for guidance.

From Coach Deanna and the rest of your PRS Family, welcome to the world babies!