Yesterday you got sneak peak into the mind of Eden Browne. Along with Christina Landrum you will be brought inside of the life of a new CrossFit athlete. Eden and Christina will be contributing the new Diary of an Athlete blog on Each time you read one of their posts, think back to when you first started, or if you haven’t started use them as a proxy into the life of a new CrossFit athlete. If you run across Eden or Christina in the gym or outside in the real world, ask them how they are doing! They are putting their journey to fitness on display for all to see, so we can do our part in keeping them motivated by asking them that simple question, “How are you doing?”

If you have a question for one of them or even for any of coaches just let me know, I will forward it them and have them get back to you. If you know someone that would benefit from Eden and Christina’s Diary of an athlete series, share their post with them.