I have been doing CrossFit now for 3.5 years and with two years of this at Pepper Fitness. CrossFit Port Royal is much more focused and organized with more of a family atmosphere.  My first impression was exactly as I had envisioned it, because I had been around Barry and had some one on one WOD time with him before moving to CFPR.  Barry is a friendly, exacting, subtle motivator who will understand you long before you understand him.  I have lost 40 lbs since starting Cross-Fit, with this being the least important aspect and fitness being the most significant.  With just turning 60, I am around others my age that don’t take care of themselves and I can notice the difference Cross-fit has made in me. Outside the Gym I am a local Real Estate Professional and enjoy golfing at the many different incredible courses in the Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head areas.  My most enjoyable memories involve the Kids Cross-fit Program, which is embraced by the adults and parents.  They all do the most funny and amazing things.  Recently one young 2 -3 year old boy was walking around during a lull of activity and all of a sudden just let out this loud and long, top of his lungs grunt, as to say come let’s get going to the athletes standing around.  Then there are times where the younger athletes, men and women, amaze you with their strength, like doing strict pull-ups with a 70 lb dumbbell chained to their waist.  My first benchmark WOD was Angie.  Enough said on that.  The activity I enjoy most is double unders.  Going from not being able to do one DU to stringing together 65 of them is and achievement I am proud of.  My immediate next goal of 100.  This one single movement will get your heart rate up as fast as any other movement you will do.  If you are thinking about giving Cross-Fit a try, my advice would be to listen to the coaches, listen to your inner voice and know that “you” are your biggest competitor.  What others do will be impressive and most enjoyable to watch, but your goals and objectives are most important.  There will be limitations you will need work on.  There will be ups and downs, achievements and setbacks.  My goals are to enjoy the times and friends, while achieving fitness and longevity.  In my mind, I ring the PR bell every day I WOD.