I remember my mother telling me to look at a link she had sent me in my FB messenger box. So I got onto FB and took a look at what she had sent me. It was for a Womens Nutritional Challenge at a cross fit gym. Now at that time, I was already enrolled in a crossfit gym at a different location, but felt I wasn’t improving. I knew I needed something more, something that would get me to my goal of beign a Crossfit Model, which has always been a goal of mine. In order to reach this goal, I needed an extra push in my physical fitness and in my personal life. I read up on the Challenge and said to myself ” why not,  I have nowhere to go but up.” So I quit the current gym I was at and came to Crossfit Port Royal Sound.

My first impression of my first class was impressive. All of my questions were answered, very detailed instructions were given and I felt right at home. Everyone was warm and inviting, they cheered me on and introduced themselves one by one. To this day the gym has not changed a bit, it has improved as the months have gone by.

I can say that crossfit has changed my life and has shown me to love myself and others. I go to the gym everyday, and for the one hour I am there I learn something new. I never thought that I could do the things that I do today. For instance, I never thought I could deadlift 125+ pounds, or do the extensive work that comes with every workout. personally it’s mind thing for me, if I tell myself I cant do something, which I’ve done numerous times, then most likely I’m not going to do the best I can. Now, if I look at the WOD and It seems impossible to do, then I go to a place in my mind for a brief moment, and say “you can do this” and continue saying that throughout the workout, I then impress myself beyond belief. Even though it may seem or feel like I’m going to die, its totally worth it at the end of the day! 🙂

When I am not at the gym, I am a full time mother to my 4 year old son. He is my world, we love to play with trucks and most of all my favorite thing is to play with bubbles(LOL). I also have picked up two new hobbies. First one is learning how to cook healthy meals, and learning how to cook in general. Second one is gardening. I never thought I would be so interested in doing these things, I feel as if it stems from feeling good about myself and feeling healthy.

My favorite memory of Pepper Fitness has to be Crossfit Open Games. Reason being is because I never thought that I would have the strength and willingness to go through with it. Even if I didn’t finish on time, it was the willingness that counted. I mean my first WOD at Pepper Fitness was back in September, through the Women’s Nutritional Challenge Program. At that point of time, I wasn’t as strong as I am today. Which shows just how much I have improved through my journey of Crossfit.

My proudest accomplishment has to be just how far I have come in one year. I started this process back in April of 2016. I know that I have accomplished a lot in one year, from learning how to eat better, how to live better, how to love my body and how to love others. This I can tell you wouldn’t have happened, had I not joined Crossfit.

For anyone out there thinking about changing your lifestyle for the better, then Crossfit is the way to go. Most people think that they have to be fit before doing Crossfit and this is not true.  If your ready for change or just willing to do something that would benefit your life, then please take my advice, find a nearby crossfit gym and get all the facts, so that you may have a new healthy way of life for yourself and your family.


Amanda MacLellan